Our Canadian Team

Peter Thompson - Co-Founder
Peter has been an outdoor and firearms enthusiast since he could walk.  Always up early with the sunrise, he has a passion for helping people enjoy their outdoor experience in  a safe and empowering way.  Peter will be there to help you take your passion to the Next Level!
Darren Thompson - Co-Founder

  An entrepreneur and family man at heart, Darren is the co-founder of NL Outfitters. Darren hiked up Kilimanjaro to test lots of the new products we are considering for sale on NLO.


Craig Keller  Co-FounderCraig Keller


Craig started his career as an Advanced Care Paramedic 21 years ago in Calgary and continues to work with a busy EMS service. He has experience from urban, rural, fixed wing, rotary wing, Tactical EMS and overseas opened the door to co-found CTOMS Inc in 2005. As Chief Operations Officer, Craig helped deliver the medical, high angle training and equipment needs of conventional millitaries, special forces, law enforcement teams domestically and around the world.

Craig is also the Founder and CEO of Open Door Solutions Training and Equipment.  He has served as the training director for nearly 4000 students who completed the wide range of Tactical Medicine and Canine Medicine courses you can be guaranteed a high level of organization and understanding to meet your agency, group or individual training needs.


Noah Thompson - Sales & Service



Noah just turned 14, got his learner's permit and hunters safety course on the same day.  Here he is learning how to skin a deer.   
Colin Gaffney - Sales/Service/Accounting
Colin loves to travel and enjoy the outdoors.  He has a wonderful sense of adventure and is our swiss army knife for all things accounting, sales and service.